Architectural Impact Products (AIP) is a North American Distributor of PolyVision CeramicSteel, formerly known as Alliance Wall. AIP is a consulting and distribution business for architecturally specified products and building materials. We provide needs assessment and architectural design.

By partnering with PolyVision, AIP has the ability to offer durable architectural panels that can also enhance the space aesthetically while defending off aggressive elements that demanding environments often carry.

Consider installing architectural panels in high traffic and people moving areas such as metro stations, airport terminals, roadway tunnels, public spaces, healthcare facilities, corridors and lobbies. The composite panel system is manufactured by fusing the best qualities of porcelain onto a steel substrate, creating a product that is unmatched in performance and quality.

PolyVision architectural panels provide the perfect blend of consistent performance, wide-ranging aesthetic choices and long-term durability for architectural cladding and infrastructure. CeramicSteel architectural wall panels are also the surface product of choice for high-abuse environments which demand:

  • Long Life
  • Permanent Color
  • High Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • No out gassing

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