Whether displaying way-finding or artistic expressions of nature, local culture or history, PolyVision Surface Imaging provides a tough, long-lasting solution for transforming public spaces with ceramic wall art. Customizable graphics make it easy to communicate a wide range of messages, while durability in both the CeramicSteel and the wall graphics make Surface Imaging suitable for a variety of spaces.

From a durable, hand crafted artisan screen printing process to advanced digital printing technology, PolyVision’s precision Surface Imaging is unmatched for superb quality, detail and long-lasting color.



Surface Imaging Advantages

 Aesthetics  Durability  Utility
 Imagery  20 Year Limited Warranty  Graffiti Resistant
 Identify  Scratch + Abrasion Resistant  Cleanable
 Symbolism  Colorfast, no out gasing  Bacteria Resistant
 Way-finding  99% Recyclable Chemical Resistant
 Emotion  100% Inorganic Material  Fire Resistant