PolyVision CeramicSteel technology is complex and exacting. Here is a quick snapshot of the manufacturing process:

  • Heated at a range of 1292° – 1652° F powdered glass melts, flows and hardens
  • The resulting powder is then fired and fused onto the steel coil

Since 1954, PolyVision has been making surfaces that stand the test of time in even the most demanding environments. From train stations and tunnels to hotels and hospitals, PolyVision spans more than 2 billion square feet of architecture around the world.

Feature Icons


Features & Benefits:

  • Defies aggressive and polluted environments
  • Remove graffiti with no residue
  • Difficult to scratch with a knife
  • Easy to clean with water or any solvent
  • Smooth inert surface
  • Surface made from inorganic materials
  • No staining from such stains as permanent marker or betadine